Some Kind of Garden


A new book for children
(and their grown-ups!)

"How Roland Rolls"
byJim Carrey

How Roland Rolls is a story about a
wave named Roland who's afraid
that, one day, when he hits the
beach, his life will be over. But when
he gets deep, he's struck by the
notion that he’s not just a wave -
he's the whole big, wide ocean!

A Letter From
Jim Carrey to
the Grown-Ups

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A Letter From Jim Carrey To The Grown-Ups


Hi, there! Jim Carrey here. I know you recognize me from a whole raft of fairly wacky movies … and quite a few pretty serious ones, too. But I’m reaching out to you and your children now for a different purpose.

As a father and grandfather, I know there’s nothing more important in our lives than the well-being and future of our children and grandchildren. There’s nothing more important than making them feel loved and worthy of our involvement.

So many children today are suffering from their parents’ busy lives, how much time and energy it takes just to provide for the family and keep the household working. Often, the kids are relegated to electronic games, TV, and surfing the Internet – all poor substitutes for parental engagement. We need to have things we can enjoy together.

I wrote How Roland Rolls specifically as a way for parents and grandparents to enjoy some quality hang-time. I hope the message of the story will help them feel connected, worthwhile, and a part of something vast and grand. Personally, I believe that time spent telling them a bedtime story is as close to heaven as we will get in this world.

To be a part of that heaven is my ultimate goal. And to make some kids happy … ‘cuz that’s how I roll.



How Roland Rolls